Its a long, long night…

Its a couple of hours after I was able to leave the hospital today. In the mean time I have had a nap, and since then no sleep. I played a face book game, half sitting to avoid hurting the stitches. I stretched, I walked up and down, I even warmed up some of the soup I had. To no avail, sleep eludes me. Every time I sit in one position for too long my gut becomes very uncomfortable, considering.

For those not in the know, I had an hiatus hernia – it basically means you have a gap in your diaphragm which allows the stomach to take trips to your upper chest, add to this an insurmountable amount of acid reflux you pretty much have a good idea of the daily life involving a hiatus hernia. Now the operation to fix it is nothing grand, a couple of holes in your abdomen, an intense discomfort around the stomach area (this is apparently where they pulled the stomach down to the lower abdomen and sewed up the whole thing).

At this stage I do wish I did not go through with it. I wish for solid foods and I wish for comfort… All I have right now is intense discomfort…. Yuck.