The Mama cupboard

Does anyone remember the pasta advert with the Italian mama making delicious dishes, cooking pasta etc.? In the background you have the boiling pots, vegetables ready to be used and flour all over the place. She is a homely, mother looking figure with kind eyes. Suddenly she freezes and a representation of the modern-day woman appears to put her in the cupboard and dinner is served.

On days like the past couple of days I wish for a mama in a cupboard. Someone that can read your wishes from your lips (or psychically) and make you the soup you crave, or hold you hand when you are in pain or just plainly makes things right?

The world expects us all to be self-sufficient, strong and looking after ourselves well enough to be contributing individuals to society. Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in the independent woman, making it on your own parade… but on days like these I wish I was not the only one who had to get up and take care of things.