The wifi dilemma

Once you find a place to lay down your hat, one’s mind tends to other matters. More practical, like a telephone and Internet! Mainly because cellphone surfing is not as cheap as in South Africa.

So I started looking…

One thing one must appreciate about South Africa is that there is honestly not a lot of choices, you pretty much have one provider for electricity, and one for water. Perhaps you choose between 2 or 3 different providers when it comes to your Internet and telephone / cellphone usage. Easy peasy!

My first introduction was searching for the local Internet providers. Firstly there are two websites that allow you to compare prices and services, each of them in turn have about 8 different providers listed (note! This list does not include all the providers!) For each provider they have about 3 different offerings each; for students, for regional, for all-night surfer, for chatty people, for normal people, with a television network connection and without…

Let me leave it at the fact that the first night I ended up with a splitting headache. On top of this my friend excitedly informed me that there is a local Internet and telephone provider in Cologne that is very good and I should compare them too! I really did not need another option to choose from.

It was not even about the money, the rates here are quite affordable, even if I calculate the Euro’s in South African Rand! I am just the type of person that abhors things that does not work properly, especially if I am paying money for it! Worst case I sign up for a 2 year contract and end up with Internet slower than a snail.

As it was I ended up comparing the local provider and the national provider and it ended up being a matter of price… So far so good! Now I need to start looking for an electricity and gas provider!

The compare portal gave me 20 different options to choose from… Head slamming against the wall crazy!