The comparison of all things Orange

I freely admit I am very human, I have my errs and ways, quirky habits and things that I do that make me uniquely me! Now in this journey I cannot help but be very human and compare things! 🙂 Like the Fanta over here; firstly it is very yellow, not orange, and it does not taste like the Fanta we are used to in South Africa. I am not sure what it is supposed to taste like, but its not the same. My first experience resulted in a loud complain session to my family via whatsapp! It is really quite silly!

I know there will be those that oppose my opinion, talk about the flavours, colourants and how unhealthy everything is in South Africa. That is all fine and well, and a conversation that is meant for another day. My Fanta experience however resulted in my first little bit of “I miss South Africa” moment.

They also have different sorts here, cola and Fanta mix… “Cola kissing Orange”… this is even weirder and I puzzle at the popularity of the drink. I was in the fortunate position to get a taste from a colleague and trust me it is not an experience I am repeating any time soon!

I have had the inexplicable craving for a proper chicken and mushroom pie! Obviously South Africa did not inherit pie making from the Germans! The most you find here is a type of sausage roll with the German sausage inside, or a spinach type thing. Trust me, even the supermarket pies in South Africa would be an up on this experience.

So to anyone who asks me, what do you miss the most? These are the two things that one takes for granted that I have developed a sudden fondness for!! The funny thing is, I did not even consume these things that much before.

Aside from the Fanta and the missing Pies things are interesting food wise! They really go all out on summer flavours for chocolate and yoghurt; you will find strawberry and mint, pineapple and coconut, mango and peach, with a diversity and choice that makes my head spin. Pineapple and Coconut might sound weird in a yoghurt but it is delicious!

So what is new that I can try out today? Choices, choices!