For the Ladies…

For Anyone that has ever met me, I am well, to put it mildly, well gifted in the boob department! Now what has always all but fascinated me is that it is incredibly difficult to find nice fitting (much less looking!) underwear in South Africa. You make do with what you have or you pay a fortune going to perhaps the one / two speciality stores in the whole of Cape Peninsula that has something in your size.

Given that South Africa is the land of big butts and bosoms this has always perplexed me to no end. The one time I was brave enough to walk into a shop in Canal walk to try to see if they have anything bigger than a D Cup. I was discreetly shown to a corner where they were hiding some very unsightly DD’s.  On the question if they had anything bigger I got told in no uncertain terms that I should try my luck at some factory shop…. I kind of felt as if I just committed the biggest sin known to mankind by just entering the store.

Nonetheless, as you can imagine I was very unnerved by the prospect of shopping for my delicates this side of the world. Here the percentage of ladies with my gifts are more in the minority as well as the fact that I am contending with a completely different measuring system over here.

My first visit into a boutique underwear shop I did not walk in further than 3 meters and merely to ask the shop assistant whether they stock bigger sizes… She answered with confidence and asked me if I wanted to be measured? … Suspiciously I stalked away with the excuse of limited time.

It took me a whole of 4 and a half weeks to venture into the same store again during my lunch hour, and ladies!! What an experience!!!

I was whisked away to the nearest fitting room, a lady briefly listened to what I wanted and proceeded to wind a measuring tape around my chest. With no further delay she proclaimed a random number and scurried out of the door. A little at a loss I waited… Back she was with 3 different bra’s, in fantastic colours and good-looking enough to wear. I fitted, she knocked and it was deemed to look perfect! Indeed it was! I felt like a queen being waited on hand and foot and my personal slave running back and forth bringing more interesting treasures to behold! Around us other ladies were being measured (in their own cubicles of course!). I could hear the chatter and Oh and Ah’s of what seemed to be standard operating procedure with them.

Needless to say I walked out with 3 full  brassiere sets of lace and silk, and the most surprising thing was? It was not even that expensive! In South African terms I walked out with 3 sets (Bra’s and Panties) paying the same that I would have paid in South Africa at one of the local clothing chain stores if I had a “normal” size.

So guys, if you ever come and visit Europe, do yourself and your better half a huge favour and go visit one of the local lingerie shops, not only will it be a well invested purchase but the service is an experience for your lady in itself! And in Cologne I can personally recommend one or two shops!

Feeling sexy and I like it! 😉