Autumn Whispers

It has been a while since I wrote my last post, in the mean time Autumn has crept up on us in Europe. The leaves are progressively turning yellow and the shorter turning days have a distinct bite in them. Amongst the elated Spring day messages shared on Facebook since the change of season I felt a whimsical sense of longing. The feeling of Spring, the wild flowers along the West Coast, the exuberance of colour in Cape Town as Winter gives way to longer summer days.

Since Sunday the world here have been turning one hour later, well here in Germany at least. Autumn has now truly started!

I have learned that the Autumn here is a time of reflection and waiting. Its almost magical how the leaves progressively turn red / yellow and fall like yellow snow from the trees!

Its brightly coloured carpets of yellow leaves with rustling sounds as you walk through them, as if nature rolled out a tapestry of gold to wave goodbye! Thus I am enjoying walking and kicking the leaves to see how they float up in the air. I am enjoying the cooler weather, the gratefulness one feels when there is a little sun and no rain. The laziness of the shorter days and the joy of coming home to a working central heating system!

Here is to Autumn and the whispers of what is to come!