The grief and tragedy in our world

It’s almost Christmas and instead of the typical expectation towards the Advent time, the world is toppled in grief after the latest terrorist attacks. The sadness and solidarity permeates through the Internet, and with it the discussions as to whether it is fair that a world mourns one tragedy vs another.

Is it fair that everyone mourns what happened in Paris but no one knows what happened a couple of months ago there or here or over there. (Enter as many examples as you can think of)

The world is not fair. Period.

It is not fair that children in Africa starve while people with sufficient social support, 5 x the amount one would get in South Africa, beg for Euro’s at the local train station.

Neither is it fair that there are people traveling thousands of kilometers because their homes or towns are not safe anymore. Journeying towards an even more uncertain future in an effort to find security that might or might not exist.

And so we are here, at this moment, again. Like a clock that runs the same path with no escape. The in-comprehensiveness of it all settles like a dark cloud around us.

Let us rather think of those left behind, allow them to grieve and let them find precious peace…

Because of few things in life we can be certain: the sun rises each day, children will be born and that some day death awaits us all.

And in the mean time let us remind ourselves that we are all human, desperately trying to carve our way in this world, whether our world is Paris, Syria or Nigeria. Let us find life and love in the simple things and treasure each and every day for the gift it is.