9 Months…

It has been around 9 months since I left my beloved Cape Town. Lets take stock.

I experienced my first European Summer… and boy did it get hot! 35+ degrees working in an office where there is no air-conditioning… That is right my dear South African friends…. They have heaters for the Winter, but no air-conditioning… For a child out of Africa my sweat-glands suddenly worked overtime! Then you have the crazy Europeans that in this heat go sit in the sun and I am looking for my hat and sunscreen!

I walk past the most gorgeous architecture and buildings older than South Africa on a daily basis… and it has become normal.

Then came Autumn… Pretty.

Then came Winter, and the cold. I learnt how to use the gas heating system, how to air out my flat during Winter, how an Umbrella is my constant companion, how to put together furniture… Dear Lord, you have to put together every single piece of furniture here… Even the sleeper couch!

9 Months feels like forever, but it still feels like yesterday I walked up the ramp towards the plane that would carry me away.

I find myself talking about home a lot. I even miss bizarre things like tennis biscuits, peppermint crisp and niknaks. Not to mention Biltong! Marshmallow easter eggs will also go down quite nicely at the moment. I also talk about it and compare a lot of things… Capetonians are friendly servers, although nothing can beat the German efficiency – even if their face would crack once they smiled.

Let me mention that these foods are by no way things that I consumed on a daily, even weekly basis! Perhaps once in every couple of months yes… I suppose its just having them available!

I find that I am excessively comparing things. I go out for cocktails – a whopping 8€+ for one and I think of half price sushi and cocktails that costs the same as one cocktail over here! What I would give for Cape Town Sushi! I bore my newly found German Friends with tales (some romanticized) of Africa and amuse them (I hope!) with them having to explain to me the simplest things over here… like pogo dancing.

All in all its been a good 9 months. However I feel my soul wandering towards the Southern Point of Africa and I know that very soon I am going to have to climb onto that plane again and go home for a bit. Even if its to feel the Cape Town wind against my skin…

In the mean time I have discovered that one can buy Biltong here online! 🙂