Summer in Germany… well its been a long time coming! After waking up to rainy days and going to sleep on rainy days, sprinting through rainy days to the train and back, Wet umbrellas, wet shoes and flyaway hair… finally the summer arrived!

For two days.

Glorious blue skies, green, I mean green trees and grass. Sultry thick days with the air clinging to you like a long lost lover!

For exactly two days.

Then the rain and the clouds moved in again… waving goodbye to the blue skies while possessively covering every meter of sky.

Rain seems to be the everlasting companion, and a jealous mistress! And just as soon as she made her appearance she flirts with leaving the city over to the sun…


This play of sun, rain, clear skies, clouds and the sweltering humidity has become the beat… the beat of Summer… and one day, suddenly, it just does not matter as much that it rains. There is a glorious sweet smell that hangs in the air. It caresses your nostrils  and tantalises your brain. Beauty that assaults your senses – Excited chirping of various local birds, green-velvet leaves that covers everything, and deep colours of flowers sprouting out – a feast for the eyes.

Mitten the intoxicating smells, there is a shot of disharmony with a waft of doggie poop, left on the sidewalk by some irresponsible dog owner…. but….


Who cares?

Its Summer!