Germanisms :)

So as humans, we like to compare things, so it is the case with me as well! So here are a list of weird, amusing and wonderful things I get to experience here on a daily basis! Enjoy!

  1. Tomato sauce is called ‘Ketchup’, I get incredulous looks when I ask for plain Tomato sauce.
  2. You get served with Mayonnaise and chips, instead of tomato sauce.
  3. McDonald’s chicken burger has sweet chilli sauce on it instead of Mayonnaise
  4. You get served with half a cup of Salad sauce when you buy a ready made Salad, instead of just a little sliver… Your whole salad is drenched in it! This I like! 🙂
  5. Women wear flat, sensible shoes. No, you don’t buy the shoes at ‘old lady’ stores hidden away in some corner of the shopping mall, the shops are everywhere, and high heels are the exception… if you think of the amount of walking we have to do here, to the train / Bus station, then from there to work and all the way back. At least I don’t feel as out any more with my preference for flat shoes!
  6. Things work, in general.
  7. They love their coffee here – there are so many options! 🙂 Makes a happy me!
  8. There are lots of bakeries everywhere, some chain shops, some owner run. But all have deliciousness and wholesome goodness tempting you as you walk past! Not even to think of all the different bread names!
  9. The post is fast…. very, very fast. It arrives in max 2 working days on the other side of Germany. It gives the word snail mail in South Africa a new meaning…
  10. The internet here is fast… I really got to experience how slow the internet in South Africa is when I went there on Holiday in August.
  11. People still use public transport even if they have a car.
  12. People pick up their dog’s pooh… well, most of the time.
  13. You eat a warm lunch and a light sandwich and soup for dinner
  14. Recycling is taken very serious here. Heaven forbid you put the wrong waste in the wrong bin. Not that the Garbage man will say anything, your neighbour just might. Oh and the garbage man just leaves your bin there, without taking it away.
  15. They mix their drinks – Fanta and coke together… Ugh… 😦
  16. Its not as clean and litter free as the world wants to think Germany is… The cities are pretty much cities.
  17. Water is not a problem here… there is too much of it.
  18. Grown ups love wearing costumes here – whether its for Oktoberfest or for Carnival, Halloween etc. etc.
  19. The English translations are hilarious! At the Christmas Market last year, someone translated ‘Poppy seed cake’ into ‘Puppy seat cake’. I have my daily dose of giggles…. 🙂
  20. There are a lot of dogs, on leashes. On the trains, train stations, streets, outside of the shops. Some companies even allow their employees to bring their dogs to work!
  21. A lot of Germans read. In the mornings, on the train their is a collection of newspapers, E-Readers, and all kinds of books. Its refreshing actually!
  22. Lastly the holiday habits here, a lot of locals like going on holiday in Caravans. Mostly to Holland or one of the neighbouring countries, so you end up seeing a lot of Caravans standing in lots, around the residential areas. Not just any type of Caravan, but luxury kitted out Mini Houses on wheels, and they take it very seriously!