Another new year!

So it is 2017. Last year had some significant moments, some happy, some really sad and the end of the year became a time – for me in any case – of quiet reflection. I have been here now 1 and a half years – it all feels so normal by now, and somehow there is still a lot of new every day.

It is a cold time of year when Christmas and New Years takes place. I did not feel the need to take part in the Christmas Market hubbub and ended up visiting with various family across the country. A quick trip to Berlin to visit my Uncle – then another, longer visit to Prague with my aunt and Cousin. Besides the travelling and sight seeing, I dedicated my time to various mini projects and reflection.

And it was OK. I am blessed to be surrounded by friends and family that care for me, that take time for me and who I am allowed to, in return, spend time with.

If there is anything that I am taking with into the new year it is:

  • Count my blessings, for I am blessed beyond measure.
  • Spend time with those I love and admire, because time is precious and I don’t know what tomorrow brings
  • Appreciate every day, for yes – even as the sun rising every day is a certainty, how it rises changes.

Have a blessed, successful and wonderful new year!