The magic of Ritual

The ritual of our daily lives is often described as ‘boring’ or ‘stuck in a rut’. I have recently discovered how grounding ritual can be, how it can give you silent comfort. In our modern society where we all chase after the next best thing, the next high, keeping as busy as possible I have found ritual and routine to be incredibly calming.

There is ritual in everything we do daily – whether it’s the shower in the morning, or breathing in the delicious smell of my morning coffee while sipping it. Washing the dishes, or cleaning.

On Thursday morning I walked past the Cologne Dome on my way to work. Usually there are tourists flocking everywhere, throngs of people taking pictures and excitedly pointing to random stuff. There were street cleaners and construction workers starting their day early. I had a hectic start in the week and I felt the need for some quiet time. In a moment I decided to go inside and light a prayer candle…


Inside it was hushed, in the background an organ was playing. Somewhere in the front of the Cathedral they were having a mass. I only had 5 minutes to sit down, reflect and pray, the small ritual however was a blessing. As the early morning light reflected through the window on the right my soul calmed, and as I prayed I lit a candle – my humble offering for the day.

As I walked out my spirit lifted. May the day begin!