The simplest of things – a reflection

There is an empty space besides me. In the silence my thoughts circle around the day and the month and the year. The hour is a cool breeze that touches my face as it brushes through my flat… in the background church bells compete with the chirping of birds as the afternoon strikes twelve.

It is a quiet day, the rain drops deafening the sounds of cars passing by. It suits my mood. The rain suits my mood… reflective as I am standing at the end of another chapter in this crazy play I am starring in. Grateful for this city of clowns, for the ancient Dome watching over all its subjects. Grateful for the lessons learned, grateful for the path that has been paved, grateful to be here and be alive to experience all the wonders and the amazing sights. The magic and the faith that allows the pages to turn and blank ones awaiting new legends, bravery and fables of battles won and lost.

Another passage

A new beginning

A past lived

A new breath

As the door opens and the light streams in, its a beautiful day.