An Autumn Stroll

Autumn is here again! 🙂 I have to admit, besides that my birthday is now in Autumn and not in Spring like in South Africa, I have come to love the change of season to Autumn here!

It starts slowly, its not that cold yet but there is a freshness in the air that is unmistakable, the seasons are changing. In South Africa it merges into two main seasons, you barely really notice the difference between Spring and Autumn… it’s over so quickly. In Cape Town Spring is a bit more noticeable because of the West-Coast flowers, on a side note – if you ever have the opportunity to go see the West-Coast flowers do so!

Over here Autumn has become my favourite – it uplifts the spirit, the beautiful display of colours vying for a slight breeze to allow their leaves to fall like golden rain. Mushrooms popping up all over the place – the quaintest fairy stools – decorate quiet green lawns bejewelled with orange, yellow and red foliage.

The best part of it is the weather, it is not too hot, not too cold. Like Goldilocks I bask in the late afternoon sunshine strolls, breathing the fresh air while enjoying Nature slowing down. Mother nature is preparing for Winter, and having a ball!

Sunrises for example are more magical, especially if there is still a breath of fog covering everything. Autumn has not only become a month of beautiful colours but also a month of reflection, meditation and quieting down. Mentally preparing for the colder months that lie ahead, amidst the change there is a finer lining beneath it all. A finer feeling of being blessed, being alive and that all is what it is supposed to and meant to be.