Non-New-Years-Resolutions! :)

So happy 2018! 🙂

I hope you have been bombarded with cute new years pictures, jokes, champagne and good cheer. After all, it’s a new year! 🙂

The new years phenomenon has always puzzled me – it’s not as if that much really changes, the sun goes up and then down, we do not magically have a new season – nothing magically happens or changes – besides the serious babalas* the next day – but for some strange reason we attach great meaning to the year starting new.

I mean the Calender as we know it today, with its 365 days, 12 months etc. was not even universally accepted in our society until the 18th century… that is really not that long ago considering the bigger picture.

So what drives us to celebrate the new year like crazy, throw out the old year like dirty water and party like it’s the end of the world?

Every one needs a blank page once in a while and that in essence is what the new year is – it’s a new chapter, a new page, a new opportunity… perhaps to do things differently this time around.

However, and this is a big however – just stop with the whole resolutions thing! I mean really!!! Fitness clubs have their highest joining month in January, and more than 50% drop out by the end of March… that folks is not even funny, besides the money wasted.

Resolutions gives serious goal setting a bad name. Set your goals right, work on it with intent. The fantastic thing is you can set goals any time, you do not have to wait till the clock strikes 12 midnight on new years eve. Have resolutions not become more of an expectation than anything else? This is what society expects of us – to be thinner, fitter, prettier etc. So come New Years we all stand in line to do what everybody else does, I find that a teeny bit boring… Ok, well more than a bit! 😀

I use the change of the years mainly as a time for reflection – one can only learn from the past if you step back and look at it… If there is something I really feel I need to change I adjust my goals, or add new ones.

At the end of the day, it’s a new page, a new chapter and in honour of that new chapter (AND the year that is past) I want to live the best life I can, while being the best me I can be. That is not always easy – but its me.

Who is joining me this year? Throw the resolutions out of the door and live your best life for a change! 😉

Have a blessed, happy, soulful, peaceful and merry 2018!

*Babalas – Very south African word for having being hung over after a good night partying.