The first warm weekend

When the weather grows cooler in South Africa, and the rainy season starts in Cape Town, well I am keeping fingers crossed 🀞, Spring starts officially with the first weekend leaning towards 20 degrees.

What a difference! Suddenly there is no gloomy faces or dark clothes anymore, restaurants and any place indoors is empty and every single person is outside. If you are lucky enough to have a garden the whole family is outside, a balcony you will be sitting in the sun with music blaring from inside and at every ice cream dealer there are waiting times of 10-15 mins.

I walked through my local neighbourhood this morning, the shops and coffee shops were empty… perfect to go shopping, and I was privy to excited conversations of bike tours or hiking plans and the drone of every single motorcycle that was unpacked this morning for its first road trip.

So I ended up doing a very German thing today… πŸ˜‚ I washed my windows!

While enjoying the sun setting this evening, out of clean windows I wish everyone this side a good start in Spring.