Mother’s Day

On Sunday the 13th of May it was Mothers day in Germany.

For weeks before one gets bombarded with advertisements of what to get mom for mothers day… from jewellery to flowers, special restaurant and spa vouchers.

With these little reminders it is difficult to not play back to the last days we spent together, and here and there pick away a tear.

While my mom was still with us it was easy to send a bunch of flowers and perhaps a call. She was there and one did not really think too much of it.

I often observe friends or colleagues irritated at their mother calling them or having to check in when they arrive safely. I know, I know, there are some helicopter parents out there that will surely make the most loving child want to run away.

But. The day she is not there anymore is the day one wishes for that one more call, or having the privilege of being irritated one more time. It truly does not matter how difficult your relationship seems, or how distant you are.

This is just a small nudge to those who still have their moms… take the time, make the effort. It is those memories that will stay with you when she is not there anymore.