Visitors! :)

So recently I have had a lot of visitors in my humble home. First my dad and brother came by, then a High School friend and her Sister, and my sister is flew in for a couple of days.

Beautiful people! ❤ My little Sis and I.

Of course with any visit I have the opportunity to fold out my very comfortable sleeper couch (I have it on good authority that it is quite so!), and show them around a little bit.

Cologne Dome

Of course it depends on the visit, sometimes it is also just nice to sit and chill and spend some good old quality time together.

SA Sweets!

Not only do I get to host some really special people and spoil them, I got spoiled in the process and this is what is so amazing for me about these things – Blessing shared is blessings gained.

I got some great South African Crunchy peanut butter, some dried guava, SA sweets and long-awaited marshmallow Easter Eggs. 😉 Jay!

AND my sister brought some belated birthday and christmas presents… for a gifty person like me this is like “blerrie 7th heaven” 😀

I also got the opportunity to show my family what life in Germany is like… Especially recycling! 😀

My brother experiencing the greedy empty bottle machine at the local Supermarket for the first time 😉

So what to do with visitors who are here for a limited time? Here are my two go-to Cologne Destinations:

  • The cologne Dome
  • Lindt Chocolate Museum
  • Any random interesting thing that might be cool 😉
Rainy Chocolate Museum Visit!
Delicious Hot Chocolate at the Chocolate Museum – A must for any Lindt Fan!