Lady Travelbug – Bergische Kaffeetafel

This is roughly translated into: “Mountainous coffee table”, ­čśü and a mountainous amount of food it is!

But I digress, let me start from the beginning.

I live in a suburb that is on the outskirts of Cologne, more towards a country orientated area called Bergisch Gladbach. Bergisch Gladbach is filled with middle age Cathedrals, Castles and old buildings, which survived the extensive bombing during World War II largely unscathed, meaning that you can let your imagination fly amongst the old-style feel of the area. Named after the counts of Berg who chose the region as their seat, it has slowly become one of my favourite areas close to Cologne.

Before I lose myself in history, let me tell you of a little tradition I came apon when I went to visit the castle Burg with a friend – coming from the area he told me about the traditional Bergische Kaffeetafel. Intrigued I thought it would be the perfect tourist thing to do when a friend out of South Africa decided to visit me.

I reserved a table for two for a Bergische Kaffeetafel at the Hotel Wi├čkirchen Restaurant in Odenthal, a charming old country style Hotel with restaurant that came highly recommended for the traditional Bergische Kaffeetafel, AND I hereby endorse the recommendation. One has to reserve up front as it is quite a complicated affair that needs a bit of preparation.

So the “Bergische Kaffeetafel is a traditional arrangement of taking food in a specific order with coffee out of a Special Coffee Can called a “Dr├╝ppelmann”, it is usually served at special occasions such as Family celebrations or on Sundays after church.

The “Tafel” consists of different breads served with butter and sweet toppings (such as pearjam and sugarsirup), cheese, ham and a kind of cream cheese. There is Milk Rice with cinnamon sugar and to end off the feast you get fresh Waffles topped with hot cherries…. oh and don’t forget the delicious coffee!

I will leave you to drool over the following pictures! I can only recommend that if you should ever be in the area, do yourself a favour and book a table – it is a bit off track, but well worth it.

The selection of jams, sugar and syrup.
The final plate… as delicious as it looks…
The Dr├╝ppelmann – given it’s name for the coffee that would drip out of the spout. Unfortunately very little of these georgous cans are still in use today. They are mainly used as decoration.
Selection of Bread – country bread, raisin bread and a rye mixture
The full table.
Oh and I forgot the cheese, ham and sausage options….