Question of time

So it has been a while since my last ‘rebel-against-the-negativity-of-the-world’ post.

A couple of things have changed. I was given the opportunity to join a new company on a permanent basis, which meant me having to resign from my fixed term contract… trust me, being in another country does not mean your Boss reacts any different to a resignation to one in South Africa…

To cut a long story short, I decided to stick with my guns and stay with the new contract.

Change is difficult. For those around you and for yourself.

For me it means a complete different industry and company. I have to get used to a different way of working again and my new company also need to get used to me.

There has been times in Cape Town where I felt incredibly stagnated, it felt as if everything was standing still and nothing changed… of course that is not really true – the change was just happening at a much slower rate! Once the worm has crawled in it’s cocoon it does not look like anything much is happening. Sometimes the transformation just happens on the inside. Which is true – sometimes we need to be still on the outside so that our insides can do the work.

Even though I dislike change as much as the next person it is important to grow, and this is what this new Job will hopefully offer me. A chance to establish myself permanently over here – this is my first permanent Job in Germany. 😊 It is an opportunity to really settle in and even plan for some really typical German type things such as a proper retirement fund, annual leave longer than 10 Days, etc. Etc.

So here is to October 2018 and once again a start date in November – hoping it to be as successful as my past November starters!