A Catholic in England

I have always enjoyed British detective series; Inspector Morse, Miss Marple and Agatha Christie’s Poirot, oh and not to forget Sherlock Holmes! As a teenager I ploughed through The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and I was fascinated by Sherlock’s ability to discover the mundane details by observation.Written in the late 1800’s, one could perhaps theorise that Arthur Conan Doyle was a man ahead of his time to create a character that fascinated the public as much as our modern-day CSI Series did.

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So back to my original point, as I am a big Whodunnit fan, when I discovered the Series Father Brown I was enthralled. It plays in 50’s England and centres around a catholic priest who is stationed in a very protestant England. He has a fable for Crossword puzzles and Crime Novels and of course solving mysteries. The way the character is displayed is that of a perhaps unassuming gentleman in a world where he is an outsider with a keen sense of observation, who, to the irritation of the local police department, gets involved in solving murders, mostly by accident!

Besides the crime solving aspect of the show there is another thing that makes it quite endearing to me and that is the religious aspect of it. Throughout the show Father Brown is steadfast in his faith in God and with that his faith in our capacity as God’s Children to ask for forgiveness and gain absolution. He shows great understanding and compassion for the struggles of those under his care. As a priest he also has his vices; a fondness for good food and good wine and an interest for betting on the horses. Which makes his character all the more sympathetic and human.

I know it is a television show and obviously acting is a great part of it, but there are so little examples in our media these days of positive displays of faith and religion, it is quite refreshing to find something that is meant for entertainment but then installs a positive message at the same time.

But let me not give away the story line too much, it is a highly enjoyable BBC production and I can only recommend it for some wholesome entertainment.




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