Sunday Hike

So it became cold… like -4 degrees celcius being the warmest… OK. Cologne is not Canada and it really does not snow much here. It’s more like cloudy and rainy and more cloudy and more rainy… The city is situated in a bowl, which makes it fairly stifling in the summer and relatively warm in the winter; besides the Urban Heat effect that dictates major cities generally being between 1-3 degrees hotter than the country side.

During winter typically, in my almost four years experience in Germany which of course makes me THE expert, 😋 it goes cold, for a couple of days… a fluff of powder falls over the grey city covering every thing in a thin layer of icing sugar… if we are lucky it lies around for a bit, if not it melts away as soon as it hits the ground. Sometimes the skies clear up and you have a couple of beautiful and clear sunshine days, albeit freezing cold.

So with -4 °C as the max for the day I wanted to make full use of the good weather, i.e. it was not raining and we decided to go hiking… starting off at 8 am in the morning we took the train to start off on our adventurous hike. … -6 degrees and everything was frozen solid…

Ice on the grass…

To keep warm you needed to keep going… but it was beautiful and cold. And beautiful.

Very Icy looking directions

Local Castle surrounded by water… reflecting on the ice formed on the surface
Frozen solid water…
So cold that the water starts forming ice around the branches hanging in the stream..

So at the end we are lunch in a local restaurant… solid German food and beer! … While my thighs thawed! 😀

Dumplings with Wild Boar…

It was a lovely day spent outside. A beautiful winter day.