Coming to myself

So this week it has been hard for me to get writing… for many reasons, partly I suppose a bit of ‘I am not sure what to write about or I don’t know how to put my mind to words…’ and partly because I felt I was too busy. Another change in my job landscape has allowed more stability but also an adjustment period to the new routine.

Too busy usually entails a lot of things, too busy for this or that, basic home care things, fitness, to cook… I.e. so find myself relying on unhealthy foods and chocolate… basically too busy to really take care of me and the little things that are important to me. I could call it a bit overwhelmed with life and trying to escape reality but it is what it is. My body usually ends up signalling me that I am taking it too far by giving me little hiccups along the way, suddenly a cold or flu would strike and I would be man down for a couple of days. But it is a warning signal for me to slow down, come to myself again.

How important is it for us to slow down and come to ourselves these days.

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One of my favourite books during a time like this is a book by Sarah Ban Breathnach called Romancing the ordinary – a year of simple splendour. It is divided into 12 chapters representing the months of a year filled with wonderful reflective articles on various ways and means to bask in the splendour that life brings. It is my favourite tool to come to myself and today I am starting with the following quote:

‘So change your mind about change. It’s here today, gone tomorrow. Lighten up. Luxuriate in the fullness of waiting. Stop juggling until you find your balance.’ – Sarah Ban Breathnach

So for this moment I am going to be just quiet and wait, wait until my balance finds me again and my soul catches up…

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  1. I’ll have to check out that book – sounds perfect for me (and I can completely empathize with what you’re experiencing). Take care!


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