Snowy landscapes

So Spring has arrived this week with lovely Sunny days and almost Cape Townian-like winter temperatures to remind us that the earth is still moving around the Sun and Summer is making its way this side. 🙂

Of course in Cape Town Summer is still in full swing and Autumn will most likely start peeking around the corner in a couple of weeks, with hopefully the rainy season to follow… (thinking of the water restrictions last year!)

So the start of the post is actually a bit off topic, only two and a half weeks ago we had cold snowy weather and everything was covered in a thick blanket of white snow. The most fascinating thing is that the snow actually fell and it continued to fall for a full 2/3 Days… it was truly amazing to sit at the window and watch. I find falling snow mesmerizing, almost like meditating or praying… There is a quiet, reflecting quality about it… Well as long as you are not driving, then apparently it is more of an irritation than anything else. Which I find sad as it shows how much we expect nature to conform to our expectations and heaven forbid, it inconveniences us!

Growing up in a country where Winter and Summer seemingly merged into each other, with perhaps here and there a smither of Autumn or Spring, I luxuriate in experiencing the seasons here in their own and glorious beauty.  Although winter is not the best or my favourite season over here, when it snows, there is a beauty and a sacredness about it that reminds me of God’s grace.

Of course I went out and took some pictures… 🙂

White snow covering dark earth…

While angels ruffle their wings causing snow droplets to fall from slumbering branches…

Dark coats shuffling forward on ice…

Snow men merrily smiling at passers-by.

Cars covered in white blankets. 20190131_144237And the sound of crunching snow under one’s boots… 🙂


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