April, April

There is a local saying here; April, April, er macht was er will. I.e. April, April, he does what he wants…

Ok, so its past April already but in Germany, April signals the start of spring. It is quite magical this time of year, plants explode in colour, the weather goes a little crazy, not quite sure whether it wants to continue its way to spring and summer or stay slumbering in it’s winter blanket. Almost like a child not wanting to wake up in the morning. Some days you have 4 seasons in one day… To really describe it, I came across this cute poem:

The translation goes something like this:

Sun in the morning, Snow in the afternoon, then again a Storm. Oh Dear. One quick rain shower, suddenly hot. What a weather! No one knows what this mischief is! Is the world suddenly crazy?

Thank heavens every child knows it is just April that is crazy ~ Walter Mahringer

So this is a very apt description of what April is like and God’s amusement at us humans trying to will the passing of seasons by packing away our winter clothes and unpacking it again the next day.

Some impressions of spring: