5 Days of self care

One of the first things that fall off the bus when my stress levels shoot up or work takes over my life is my ability to look after myself.

How does this look like:

  • I sleep less
  • I spend more time at work than in any other area of my life
  • I mainly eat junk food / frozen pizzas thrown into the oven
  • I have no “time” or energy to go out or spend time with friends
  • I don’t spend any time on my hobbies
  • My chocolate need shoots sky high and my resistance to eat it instead of food disappears.

All in all, any self abusive type behavioural pattern that I have come to the surface and shows it’s ugly face. My need to hide, shame and guilt as well as a very critical inner voice causes me to drown in a black hole of self pity…

No, this is not a new version of Bridget Jones Diary. Life has an ugly side that most don’t post on Facebook, Twitter and co…

So instead of carrying on and continuing till something drastic happens I wanted to do something different, with you as my “accountability” partners so to say.

I am dedicating the next 5 days to self care. Yes it’s a hyped word at the moment but I can’t think of another word that might work better.

So right now I invite you on an experiment with me, a little journey.

See you tomorrow and not allowing grass to grow under my feet I am getting into bed at 10. 🤗

Sleep tight