Day 2 … almost failing

So when I started this on Sunday I did not take into account that this week was most likely not the ideal week to start.

My internal critic has been screaming the whole day about every thing that I have not managed to do yet. I once had a mentor give me the tip of giving your inner critic a name… she called hers Suzie or something. I have not found a suitable name for mine yet.

It is hard being a grown up, being responsible and stuff is something kids dream about and as grown-ups we long again for the care free days.

Nonetheless here we are. šŸ˜

I almost did not write this post, so tired that I am falling into bed and am hoping for sleep to fold me into it’s arms to disappear.

However I decided to follow through, I did promise to do something selfcaringly each day. (see? This also involves inventing new words!)

Besides falling into bed I am spending some quiet time contemplating, praying and being still.

Just for this moment being present in love. Grateful for life, even if it’s challenging and I sometimes feel like giving up.

Grateful for, despite my mistakes, I am still looked after and I can still trust unconditionally… even if it’s the most difficult thing.

On this quiet note I am saying good night.