A new year in life

So I turned 37 this year. For me this has been a more difficult birthday than turning 30, or 35. 37 is 3 years from 40 and biologically I am also reaching a stage or an age where a lot of things will soon not be easy or medically recommended anymore.

Looking back I can’t say that I regret the choices I made. I do not yearn back to the days of my engagement and almost wedding thinking that it could have worked out differently. Perhaps it could have BUT we all make choices and in hindsight it was the right choice.

I am still not married, I have no children; being active in the dating scene at my age also means I get to see a lot of the results of broken marriages, 2nd round divorcees or best yet people who have been so lynched in the process of finding a partner that a ˋrelationshipˋ is one 3/6 month affair after another. But my dating escapades I will keep for another posts… or series of posts. 🙂 The big thing is, there are a lot of hurt and wounded people out there.

In exchange I focused on a career, as a woman I made a conscious choice to do this and I did achieve significant things. The lesson is that one always pays a price for any decision one makes. My price for my independence and career success was the family I now seem to miss.

On the other hand I cannot imagine that I would have had the patience or understanding for a child or a husband before – sometimes life requires one to grow up along the way first. For me this path was something I had to walk on my own.

So what next?

Coming to Germany was a dream and goal for me that permeated my life for a very long time. Having achieved this left me a little ˋlost´to be brutally honest. I did not quite know where to start and what to do with myself, it took me 5 years to establish myself again jobwise and after 4 different companies in 4 years; (yes, for a recruiter an absolute cringe moment) I am at a place in life where I can reevaluate my goals and where I want to get to. Finally I also have the headspace for this 🙂

Birthdays are a time of reflection for me. I take a hard look at my life over the past year and decide where it’s going to go next, what do I need to change to achieve what I set out to and the way forward.

So out of this there has been a couple of things for the next 12 months:

  • I am addressing my weight issue. (for various reasons to be explained later)
  • I am doing / already started a further qualification part time to enhance my professional capabilities and profile.

So that is it, as always with setting goals and taking steps to achieve them I am excited and looking forward to it. Knowing where you are going is half the road already! Life is an adventure and by Grace we are here to learn and live it.

To myself – welcome to 37 life years! May this year be exciting, filled with the marvelous adventure we call life!

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