Lady travelbug- Bremen

The Bremen Musicians

It was a quick trip to Bremen to attend a concert that was cancelled due to the artist falling ill… So instead of a concert we did some sightseeing…

What I know of Bremen is actually very little. But for me the city is synonymous with the four city musicians of Bremen… an old Fairy tale of the brothers Grimm. Of course this story is very much a part of the tourist attraction of Bremen with small or bigger representations of them everywhere.

The story goes like this: once upon a time there was a donkey, who after many years of loyal service started to get old and when he realised his master will dispose of him he decided to become a musician in Bremen. On his way he came across a dog, a cat and a rooster who all have served their time and were looking forward to another lease of life.

Together the four travelled and came across a well lit house filled with warmth and food…and a group of robbers. As they were hungry and cold they delivered a concert and the robbers thinking it was some horrendous calamity fled. The 4 friends filled their stomachs and took refuge in the cottage for the night. In the mean time the robbers wanted to obviously get back to their interrupted dinner and their loot. They sent a colleague to check on the cottage… he sneacked inside and he got scratched and hissed at by the cat, while running out of the cottage he stumbled over the dog who bit him… for his efforts the donkey kicked him and during the commotion the rooster woke and started with his “kikirikeeee”

His tale to his fellow robbers spoke of fear and darkness… a witch, who scratched his face with her nails, a man waiting at the back door with a knife… a black monster chasing him away with a big wooden stick and to top it all their was a judge who sat on the roof calling for his life… after carefull consideration the band of robbers decided it would be better to keep away and never set foot in the door of the cottage again.

The four Bremer Musicians? Well, they felt so comfortable in their new cottage and decided to stay there till the end of their days. Perhaps, you never know, they still live there today.

Mini versions of the Bremer Musicians – the cat
Entrance to the city hall… very majestic
View towards a windmill from the bridge crossing into the old city

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