A brave new world

So the start in 2021 was certainly different. I spent new years eve at home on my couch… Due to various firework restrictions there was only a smattering of noise, enough to realise it was midnight but not the typical all out blast that I was used to in Cologne… and for which I am grateful for because my cat sat up and listened but did not feel the need to run and hide.

2020 is finally over… no, it has not been the magic ending of a year that brought so much change, so much limitation, restrictions in areas we never thought we could be restricted. Fear, pain, grief… on a global scale. It was a year no one expected.

So here we are 2021 and most of us started the year in lockdown.

Although I am not one for “new years resolutions”, as I feel we should all have goals consistently we can work towards there is one thing I would like to stick to this year – focussing on that which I can control.

I cannot control the lockdown, the restrictions, the amount of people I am allowed to visit (or not). I cannot control what other people do, whether they take care or not, whether someone wears a mask or not… or meet up in groups etc. etc..

At the end of the day, most people are over the age of 18, fully able to (I said most and hopefully!), wipe their own behinds when going to the loo, so one can safely assume they have the basic intelligence to do the basic things.

And you know what? I can only control my own choices and attitude on a daily basis. And that my friends is the only thing I personally think is relevant for the new year. By focussing on what I can control I am;

  • not getting upset with people when they “do not follow the rules” (because lets be honest – do we really know their circumstances enough to be the judge and executioner?)
  • continuing to smile and make eye contact whenever I pass by someone, even if they don’t see the actual smile
  • living my life as I choose and how I choose to live – and yes, this meant I took the initiative and moved to the country.

In this brave new world things are a bit different, we are more paranoid, more afraid, more steered by fear and worst of all, despite all the “social media” we are more alone than ever before.

This is my step out of fear, taking one day at a time and focussing on what I can control. The rest? Well the rest is just what it is and perhaps it is okay just the way it is. For the moment.

I wish you all a blessed 2021 and may this year be filled with grace, love and enlightenment.

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