Lady Travelbug – Bergische Kaffeetafel

This is roughly translated into: "Mountainous coffee table", 😁 and a mountainous amount of food it is! But I digress, let me start from the beginning. I live in a suburb that is on the outskirts of Cologne, more towards a country orientated area called Bergisch Gladbach. Bergisch Gladbach is filled with middle age Cathedrals, … Continue reading Lady Travelbug – Bergische Kaffeetafel

The Lady Travelbug – The capital of the Magyar

    So after 9 months in Germany I climbed onto a train for my first inter-European travel. It has been a while since I satisfied my inherited urge to travel, so I was looking forward to it! Budapest, Hungary my destination. My uncle always used to tell stories about his time in Budapest, the … Continue reading The Lady Travelbug – The capital of the Magyar